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Form AS 2907. 1 OFFICIAL USE Negociado de Procesamiento de Planillas o Negociado de Impuesto al Consumo Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Department of the Treasury INTERNAL REVENUE AREA previously 330-05 Rev. Jan 13 09 CA 04-05 N mero de solicitud REQUEST FOR COPY OF THE RETURN ESTATE OR GIFT CERTIFICATE OF RELEASE N mero s de serie Preparada por Social Security No. Name of taxpayer merchant deceased or donor as applicable Merchant s Registration No. ...
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I favor statehood for Puerto Rico The people of Puerto Rico should have the right to determine their own political future When the people of Puerto Rico make a clear decision my administration will stand by you, It may seem that US politicians support Puerto Rico's right to decide its future and would even welcome Porto Rico as an Upstate, but their words have yet to turn into action This might not be surprising considering that when Hurricane Maria hit the island 46 of Americans didn'ttttknow Puerto Ricans are American citizens But they are More Americans call Puerto Rico home than 21 US states but being a US citizen in Puerto Rico is not the same as being a US citizen stateside Puerto Rico is an American Commonwealth and one of five inhabited US territories The island became a US territory when Spain conceded colonial control after it lost the Spanish-American war The federal government gave Puerto Ricans American citizenship their nonlegislative Assembly and governor Like other American citizens Puerto Cancan serve in the US military and are subject to drafts And like other American citizens Puerto Ricans also pay most federal taxes But unlike other citizens who face taxation Puerto Ricans don't have federal representation The island gets to send one politician to Congress to advocate on behalf of its residents, but they don't have a vote This means Puerto Ricans can't vote on issues that affect the island such as limited funding for Medicaid or food stamps as well as a broader economic policy And while Puerto Ricans on Thailand can vote in the presidential primaries they can't vote for the president Puerto Ricans have voted several times on their status and referendums Early on an ample majority of Puerto Ricans supported Commonwealth over statehood or independence You don't want to be a state, and you don't want to be independent you just want to go on living in the middle In the middle now In the Commonwealth Puerto Ricans today are divided on the status of the island The latest referendum shows large support for statehood, but the turnout was historically low But no matter what polls and votes show referendum results are non-binding because Puerto Rico can't become a state without approval from Congress and Congress has largely ignored Puerto Rico's status but as the island struggles to recover fromHurricane Maria the issue is becoming harder to ignore Puerto Rico's economy started tanking when Congress phased out tax incentives designed to attract investment to the island Paired with fiscal mismanagement the island's debt started to grow To reverse Puerto Rico's financial decline a board appointed by Congress imposed harsh austerity measures that reduced health and education spending on the island As opportunities lessen Puerto Ricans are relocating to mainland US The population is shrinking on the island and their political influence stateside is growing Once permanently living in a US state Puerto Ricans can actually impact federal...
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